Sweets and desserts

So you have a sweet tooth too? Welcome to the club! If only cake was healthy I would look like a supermodel, however, my mother, who is a very smart woman, always said that if something tastes good then it’s good for you – a saying I live my life by!
So on this page, you’ll find only tasty goodness!
Looking for some “real” food as well? Click here to see my dinners and luches.

3 ingredient delicious chocolate truffles​

Amazing and easy brownie recipe

Amazing Kinder Bueno & Nutella cake

Chocolate cake with salted caramel

Coffee Buttercream

Divine American cheesecake

Eggless cookie dough​ (Can be made Vegan)

Great homemade croissantsWhite Chocolate Panna​ Cotta​

No bake vegan cheesecake

Smoothie with banana and strawberry

White Chocolate Panna​ Cotta​