WOLT promocode – CMWI

So like me, some of you might sometimes feel a little lazy when it comes to cooking. I love creating new dishes and discovering new favorites, but sometimes I’ve just had a long hard day and I feel like I deserve to treat myself to something quick, easy and delicious!
This is where Wolt comes into the picture.

selective focus photography of cooked burger

They have so many amazing restaurants ranging from sushi to burgers, from vegan food to instaworthy desserts! You order what ever you want and just like that, a guy (or girl) in a blue jacket picks up your order and brings it straight to your door – it couldn’t be easier!
You might ask “What is better than being able to get amazing food straight to your door?” And I’ll tell you!
Wolt knows that everyone likes to save a little money when buying things, so you can create your own promocode on the app and everytime someone uses that code but they and you get a discount next time you order on Wolt, I already created my code it’s: CMWI


Go ahead, give it a try and don’t be afraid to tell me your promocodes in the comments either – that way we can help each other saving a little money on delicious food!

Lots of love,

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