The Scottish highland – Fort Augustus

This year my summer vacation was of a different kind than usually! My best friend wanted to go back to Scotland to go hiking in the Highlands and she asked me to come, I’ve never been to Scotland so naturally, I was all in!
One of my favorite places that we visited was Fort Augustus, so I’m going to some things about the town with you guys, what to see and do, plus where to eat.

First of all, Fort Augustus isn’t a big city, it’s a tiny little town, but it doesn’t really feel like that if you arrive during summertime, because there are a lot of people everywhere! Now don’t worry it doesn’t feel crowded, it just also doesn’t feel like a town with 600 residents.
We had a full day to explore Fort Augustus, and I’m glad we did! We started the day off with a cruise on the Loch Ness lake, and to do so in style we made sure to buy some snacks we went with some Tunnock’s Tea Cakes, which are delicious and kind of like a marshmallow fluff in thick milk chocolate on a biscuit! 

Tunnock's Tea Cakes.jpeg

We took the shortest cruise, which was only an hour because we were actually already a little hungry for lunch, but it was slightly too early – at least according to the restaurants 😉 Should you, however, want to go for longer cruises that’s possible as well, they had cruises up to 3-4 hours.
The cruise was really amazing, and I’d recommend it to everyone! We got to sail around on the lake, watching the beautiful nature and learned a little about the lake and Nessie, the legendary monster. We were also quite lucky that it didn’t rain while we were sailing so our view was perfect.
But for anyone thinking about going swimming in the Loch Ness, I wouldn’t recommend it! It was insanely deep somewhere as deep as 400m (1300ft), filled with mud from the surrounding mountains, and our very nice guide on the boat told us, that the life expectancy if we jumped in from the boat with a life vest on, was around 10 minutes and less than 3 without one, so please find somewhere else to go swimming. 

Through the center of town, there are some canal locks, and it does take a looong time for them to fill and empty, but I do recommend at least watching for a little while, as is actually pretty cool to see small and big ships and boats, going up from the low level of the Loch all the way up the canal or going from the top and all the way to the bottom where the Loch starts.
Someone along the canal told us that it could take up to 3 hours for a boat to go through all of the locks, so you probably see why we didn’t stand and watch it from beginning to end. But we did find a place later in the evening where we could see the canal locks in action while eating dinner.
We ate at the Loch Inn and the food was very delicious and reasonably priced. In general, Scottish food is quite heavy, but here we got some delicious light and perfectly cooked salmon, so I’d definitely recommend that! 

Across the river from where the lake cruises are, there is a small restaurant that looks kind of scruffy, but the food is actually pretty good, and it is run by a very nice Turkish man, so while you can sit and have traditional fish and chips you can also have Turkish specialities like Baklava (The very sweet dessert with honey and pistachio) or kebab. 

So here are a few things I’d recommend seeing and doing if you’re ever in Fort Augustus!
Lots of love,


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