Golden eyeshadow – Everyday makeup look

I’m a makeup addict so I love buying and trying makeup, but on a daily basis I don’t normally wear a lot of makeup, a while ago, I shared my “No makeup, makeup look”, this look is a little more “dressed up” in the sense that I used eyeshadow this time, and maybe you guessed it from the name of this post, I used golden eyeshadow 😉
I use this look for work sometimes, which is also why it’s so simple, I’m the type of person who hates getting up in the mornings so I’m always in a hurry, but never rush my morning beauty routine, it’s like my meditation time! 


  • Get your face makeup ready, you can see my routine here.
  • Apply primer and color correctors if needed
    • I use green to cancel out the red undertones and a yellow corrector under my eyes to cancel out the blue undertones here


  • Apply foundation, blend well and set it
    • I use “True match” from L’Oréal in Rose Ivory and “Ghost Finish” from Revolution
  • Apply a dark golden eyeshadow to the crease and a brighter golden eyeshadow to the lid and blend well



  • Apply mascara 
    • I use “Volume Million Lashes” by L’Oréal
  • Color in your eyebrows 
    • I use “Brow Drama” by Maybelline
  • Apply a little lip gloss in a natural color
    • I used “Amazing Lip Gloss” in Coral by Revolution



So there you have it, my easy, everyday makeup look with golden eyeshadows. I hope you like it, and I’d love to hear from you 😀
Lots of love, Anne



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