Beauty products to finish up – Summer 2018

I saw a post on “Helpless whilst drying” by Rachael, about beauty products she wanted to empty this summer, I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to make one for myself, so this is my post about beauty products I want to empty this summer!
I like the idea of making commitments to finishing off products, especially as I am going to be moving away from home to go to college in a month or two, so I need to clear out some of my beauty products anyway 😉
You can see Rachael’s post here: Products I’m trying to use up – Summer 2018



  • Lift by Bielenda:
    Usually, I love the serums from Bielenda, I actually exclusively use them, so I was even more disappointed by how little I liked this serum than I might have been otherwise. Seeing as how I already bought it, I’m not going to throw it out, but I also kind of just want to be done with it so I can have one less skincare product cluttering my makeup stand.
  • Blemish control by e.l.f:
    This is actually a pretty good product, it does what it promises, it helps to prevent outbreaks, but it has a roll-on function, which I’m not too crazy about. So it’s time for me to try and finish it off – here’s to hoping I’ll have enough breakouts this summer to actually finish it. Actually, come to think of it, I hope this product will last forever and I will have everlasting clear skin 😉
  • Lip balm by Carmex:
    The reason why I want to finish this one off, is actually so I can buy a new one 😀 It’s almost empty and it has been for a while, so now I need to finish the job and not have a 75% empty lip balm in my bag all the time.
  • Tropical lip balm by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada:
    This lip balm has such an amazing scent, it’s a mix of coconut and mango and honestly, it makes me want to eat it! It has SPF 15 which makes it perfect for summertime since I want to protect my lips from all the dangerous UVA and UVB rays! Luckily the cute little container makes me want to apply the lip balm, so it should be easy enough to finish off. 



  • Dream Matte Mouse by Maybelline:
    This foundation is great! It gives a pretty finish and feels light on the skin. I did, however, get it a shade too dark so I have to finish it over the summer when I’m a little more tan. 
  • Skin Match BB Cream by Astor:
    This foundation has SPF 25 which is great for a foundation, but this foundation gives a very full coverage, making it look darker than I’d like, so it has to be a summer foundation as well.
    I’m also not really into full coverage foundations because I feel like it erases me and my features and just ends up looking a little cakey…  
  • Pump and Blush by W7:
    I was interested in seeing if liquid blush was something for me, but I wasn’t sure it would be, so I opted for a smaller bottle from W7, a cheap brand that I actually really like 🙂
    Unfortunately, I’m not really a fan of this blush, it’s so hard to get the right color, one layer gives no visible color and two or three too much, so I’m thinking it might be good for summer where again I have more of a tan and thereby more color, but I will not be purchasing this product again…
  • Highlighter by Technic:
    This is a great highlighter, but it comes in a container that looks like that of a nail polish and the applicator is the same, which I don’t like! I feel like it is difficult to use and easily gets messy so it’s time to finish it off! 
  • Sweet Romance eyeshadow and blush by Lorac:
    It feels like this box has been in my makeup drawer forever! I really like the eyeshadows in this box, two of them are shimmery and golden and two are matte (a bonus is that the two matte ones work as contour), and I use them often, but they are super pigmented and so they last for a long time! But what could be more perfect for summer than golden and shimmery?
    The blush, however, I don’t like! I will not be finishing this I will be throwing it out when the eyeshadow is finished. The blush is way too “fake” looking, it reminds me of clown makeup… So I will look for the eyeshadows without the blushes next time! 
  • My sign lip gloss by Revolution:
    I saw this lip gloss and I admit, I only got it, because they had my sign! It said that it was a nude color with red undertones, I would say it is a mix between orange, red and nude, it’s not an ugly color, but I am too pale for it at the moment, it doesn’t look nude on me at all, so I’ll use it this summer when I’m hopefully a little tanner!
    This is probably the only Revolution product I wouldn’t repurchase, but if you want to see one of their lipsticks which is truly amazing, click here.  



  • Green tea body lotion by Elizabeth Arden:
    The reason why I need to finish this lotion off isn’t that it isn’t great, because it is! It smells amazing and it hydrates so well, but it has started to be a bit runnier than when I got it, so now it’s time to empty it – But I will probably buy it again!
  • Bare foot – Foot balm by Freeman:
    This was given to me in a gift basket type of thing, and it is doing its job of keeping my feet very soft, but oh my god the smell… I can barely handle putting this on my feet because it smells so sweet, synthetic, and heavy – so it needs to go, so I can buy are better smelling foot balm! 
  • Pasjel by something in Japanese…:
    This was sent to me as a free gift when I ordered something else online, and I’m glad it was free! It has a nice scent, a little like cucumber, but it promises to remove stretch marks, something I have no proof that it does… But it does hydrate my skin so I will still use it, but it not a favorite lotion of mine, so I need to finish it off.


Hair care:

  • Smooth and shiny spray by Sunsilk:
    I already purchased another one of these sprays so now I just need to finish this one off, it’s probably 80% done, but it does last a long time – which by the way is a good thing!
    The spray does such a good job at making my hair soft, smooth, and without frizz, so I make sure never to run out of this spray!!  

I hope you liked this post, I’d love to hear from you! What products do you want to finish off this summer?
Lots of love, Anne



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