How to get longer and stronger nails quickly

A year ago, I had such short and brittle nails and it was driving me crazy how easily they would floss or break – It looked horrible…
Then around a year ago while I was browsing an online beauty store (, and I came across a nail polish by Rimmel called “Nail Rescue Nail Nurse”, it was fairly cheap, and it made big promises of hardening your nails in 14 days, making the nails capable of growing longer. I figured that I could go 14 days to test out if this product would work, so I purchased it, and I am so glad I did!!
Price: 4.99£ / 6.65$
 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


The nail polish works great as a base coat, and ever since I bought it, I have used it as a base coat under whatever colorful nail polish I choose!
The nail polish recommends that you add one layer on day one, then add a second layer on day two and then leave it on for a week.
I was so pleasently surprised by the results I saw, already after one week my nails felt less brittle and after a month my nails had grown longer than I had ever seen before!
So if you’d like longer and stronger nails, and quickly too, then this nail care product is definitely for you!
You can buy it here, although the bottle looks different than mine 🙂
Rimmel London Nail Care
This post it also in no way sponsored by Rimmel or anyone else, I simply love this product, and I want to share that love with you!
Lots of love, Anne


  1. Great post! Thanx so much for sharing ur find! I have had weak brittle nails forever and have constantly had to go to a fake nail to get length, which of course adds to the weakness and breakage of my natural nail:( I will definitely be trying this!


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