Summertime beauty buys​

Summer is finally here! For me that means new beauty buys for the summer break. This time it’s mainly lipglosses/lipsticks and nail polish, some old favorites and some new ones that I hope will soon be on the list of most buys. 


To me these two things are oldies, but goldies! The tonic is my absolute favorite, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and cleanses so well, I love how fresh my skin feels when I’ve used it!
I don’t always use the same serum from Bielenda, but I love this brand and use it all the time!
If you want to shop the products here are links to the homepages 🙂
Evoluderm homepage (It’s in French)

Bielenda homepage

Nail polish:

W7, is in my opinion, an amazing brand! It’s super cheap and the products are of high standards, I love that their nail polishes feel very luxurious, and lasts really well.
Out of the 3 colors I bought this time, I’ve only tried the grey one before, and I’ll do a full review of these nail polishes soon 🙂
The green one from Boujois is a completely new one for me, I haven’t tried the brand or the color before, but suddenly I was just very intrigued by the summery green color.
There are also two Maybelline nail polishes that I already know and love.
The last one is from Barry M. a brand I have had some disappointments from before, but I liked this dusty rose color so I decided to give it a chance.
W7 homepage
Bourjois homepage
Maybelline homepage
Barry M. homepage

Lip colors:

This time I bought two lip colors from MUA LUXE, they are called lip lacquers and I tried one of them in blue last Halloween for some costume makeup, it was really good quality, lasted well and felt great, so I decided to get some more.
I also got a coral colored lipgloss and a nude colored lipstick from REVOLUTION, this brand is tried and true for me! So far I haven’t tried a single product from this brand that I didn’t like, so these were no-brainers for me!
I’ve already tried the nude lipstick and it stayed on so well! It didn’t transfer or smudge, even though I wore it all day, so I definitely recommend this one!
MUA homepage
Revolution: Free Shipping on Orders Over $45

I will be posting reviews of these products as I try them during the next couple of weeks so stay tuned 🙂
I’d love to hear from you about your summer beauty buys and what summer beauty essentials you have!
Lots of love, Anne

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