Easy glam makeup

This weekend I was lucky enough to have a wedding to go to, I feel blessed that someone decided that I am special enough for them to have wanted me at their wedding, to share that special occasion with them!
So I bought the dress a while back, it’s navy blue and floor-length, so I felt ready until I realized I didn’t know what my makeup should look like, so I played around with a few different looks, and I chose one, which I’m now going to share with you.
There are a couple of different steps, but it’s actually really simple,
and it doesn’t take long to create, so I hope you enjoy it 😀 

As always, you should start by getting your face makeup ready, you can see my skincare routine here.

Then I add primer because I like to give myself the best chances of not having creases in my foundation.
Then I use my green color correcter to even out the red-ish undertones in my skin, obviously, you can skip this step, but if you do use color correcter, I recommend blending well with a damp beauty blender to get the best base for your foundation 🙂
Then I use my foundation, and for a night out, I like to use the “Dream Matte Mouse” by Maybelline (I use 04 Light Porcelain) because it gives me a better coverage and it lasts very well!

I always brush my foundation over with a setting powder, at the time I’, using “Ghost Finish” by Revolution, and it works really well for me! I use a little more under my eyes instead of a concealer because I feel like it helps brighten better, without adding another heavy layer. 

Now it’s time for eyeshadow, I use a dark golden eyeshadow, from “Ultra Eyeshadows” by Revolution, at the crease and outer V.

Eyeshadow guide


Then I add a lighter or brighter golden eyeshadow if you’d like, to the lid and the lower lashline.


Then I add a thin black liner to the upper lash line (You can obviously do a more dramatic line, but somehow I feel like it makes my eyes look smaller) and both the lower and the upper waterline. And I fill in my eyebrows using “Brow Drama” in Medium Brown by Maybelline.


Then it’s on to mascara and for this look, I used “Lash Sensational” by Maybelline, I might use false lashes on the wedding day, but I don’t think you necessarily need it 🙂


For the actual wedding, I also wore a little bit of blush, because I felt a little too pale, and I wore lipstick (31138 Fusion by Calvin Klein). 


This is a picture from the day of the wedding, but from before I did my hair 🙂
This isn’t a very dramatic glam look, so if you’d like a more dramatic or glamorous look, don’t hesitate to let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

Lots of love, Anne



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