What to see and do in Notting Hill – London

For me watching Notting Hill for the first time, for the second time and for the 30th time was amazing! I love that movie and somehow it can always put me in a better mood.
Now if you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading this post immediately and go see it!
– You can always keep reading when you’re done watching.
If you’ve already seen the movie, then carry on reading please 😀
I’ve been to London several times, and everytime I go, I love going up to Notting Hill, you can take a direct bus from Downtown London (or almost anywhere) it’s 1.5£ (2 $ / 1.6€), it’s not that far of a ride, and you are going through London so you can use the time to do some sightseeing.


This time I went to Notting Hill on a Saturday, and means market time! This is a picture of Portobello road, around 11 am on a Saturday, and more people arrived as it got a later, so if it’s your first time in Notting Hill you might not want to go on a Saturday because it’s pretty crowded.
If you do however go on a Saturday market day is really fun! You can buy everything from real and less real antics, clothes, fruits, food and anything else you might desire. Plus there are often street performers and some of them are really quite good! But yes it’s really crowded and finding a place to sit or eat is not always easy… 


Now I’m assuming that you’ve seen the movie “Notting Hill” because I told you to do so, and if you have, you know why this bookshop is important!
This is the bookstore that inspired “The travel bookshop” that William works in when he meets Anna (Julia Roberts) for the first time. Oh, and it’s also a super cute store with beautiful books, postcards and more.
If you are not much for books and the likes, right next door there is a store, which I think should be something for everyone – it’s “Doughnut time”!! They have the most amazing doughnuts ever, it was actually their opening day when I visited last, so I got a free doughnut after standing in line for a while.
The stores actually originated in Australia, which is also where I was lucky enough to try their amazing doughy pieces of happiness for the first time, so I happily endured the wait! 

Now even if you didn’t go on a Saturday, you still have to visit Portobello road. They have cute colored houses, tons of little shops, Portobello Road Market and also one of the best little bakeries I’ve ever been to, the Hummingbird Bakery. If you don’t know what cake to get, please do yourself a favor and try their raspberry cheesecake, it is simply divine!
Want to see my classic cheesecake recipe? Click here.
This time around, however, my friend and I went with 4 of their cupcakes and each one was more delicious than the last! It was super crowded, because did I mention the market? So we took the cupcakes with us and ate them in the gardens at Kensington Palace. In my opnion, the Kensington Palace isn’t the most beautiful castle, but I still like the surrounding park, plus there are benches and fewer people.
You can also get into the castle to see where William and Kate live, but obviously not while they are there 😉


After all of this walking around and having a little bit of cake (or a lot), it is time for lunch of course and when in England, I suggest having something very English: Fish and Chips. We went to “Sun In Splendour” a Victorian-inspired pub with great fish and chips, beautiful interior, quick service, reasonable prices, and a wide menu of foods and drinks.
I realize it doesn’t look like a lot of food, but neither my friend nor I was able to finish it, no matter how hard we tried, and trust me we did because it was amazing! 


On the way back to our bus stop we also happened to walk by the house of George Orwell, which we didn’t even realize was located here, but it was fun to see.

Of course, there is more to see and do, but I think that this is plenty for a day trip!
I hope you enjoy this post, and I’d love to hear from you about what your favorite bakery or restaurant in Notting Hill is, I’m always up for trying new things!
Lots of love, Anne




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