Easy DIY sugar lip scrub​

My lips have the most annoying tendency to get really dry… And I think we can all agree that dry lips are the worst, so here is my first aid for chapped lips, a super easy 3 ingredient, 1 step DIY lip scrub, which gives me a really great exfoliation.
I make a sugar scrub because the crystals are rougher than those from salt, and therefore I feel like it’s more effective, if you’d rather have a more sensitive exfoliation, you can switch the quantities of salt and sugar, and still get a great scrub.
Want to see how I take care of my skin as well? Check out my skincare routine here.

I use this scrub once or twice a week, I rub it into my lips in circular motions, rinse with water, and put on vaseline or something similar afterward to make sure my lips are well hydrated. 

2018-06-10 12:35:38.963


The amount you need depends on the size of container you choose to use

  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil/vaseline 
  • Optional: A drop of food color or a little bit of color lip balm, which I used


  • Mix all of the ingredients and put the finished result into a small container.

2018-06-10 13:11:12.606

I hope you like this super easy lib scrub!
I’d love to hear how you like and what you do to take care of your lips.
Lots of love, Anne


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