My daily skincare routine

I’m sure that I’m far from the only one who has spent years trying to find the perfect skincare routine and the secret to clear skin. It feels like I’ve tried a million different products and combinations, and finally, I’ve found a routine that works for me!
I think that at this point I should make it very clear that this post isn’t written for any brands or anything like that – it’s simply me sharing some products that I’ve really come to love!
I follow my routine twice daily, morning and evening unless an impromptu sleepover at a girlfriends house leaves me without my products. In that case, I always stick to just removing my makeup and rinsing my face with lukewarm water rather than using some of her products, not because I’m affraid of cutties but because I feel like it messes with my skin 🙂

The first step of my skincare is always to gently exfoliate my face with lukewarm water and a washcloth, in the mornings I feel like this helps me to get a more “smooth” surface for my makeup and in the evenings I just feel like I’m washing away the entire day from my face – which sounds weird but is so nice.
In the evenings I obviously start by removing my makeup, imagine a mess I’d make otherwise 😅

2018-06-01 06:54:06.440

Next step is to clean my skin more deeply with my absolute favorite tonic! It’s pink, it’s effective, it’s cheap and it works for sensitive skin!
I always make sure to clean my neck as well, because my mom always said that if you only took care of your face you’d end up with the face of someone 10 years younger than your age and a neck that looked 10 older than your age.
And ALWAYS listen carefully to beauty tips from my mother, because she looks way younger than 54, more like somewhere around 40, in my opnion, this means that she knows what she’s talking about! 

2018-06-01 06:57:31.892

Then it’s time for my hydrating and anti-aging serum.
I don’t always use the same product here, but I do always use the same brand which is Bielenda.
You can’t start the anti-aging products early enough, especially when you work with kids 😉
This serum I’ve found to be really effective as well, I convinced myself that I was starting to get fine lines on my forehead, which I was not happy about seeing as I’m only 21 years old, but I really feel like they’ve really largely been eradicated! Now, this might just be wishful thinking, but considering how cheap this serum is, I’ll happily continue to use it. It really also does a great job hydrating my skin without staying grease, it sinks in within 30 seconds – perfect for a busy morning. 

2018-06-01 07:00:10.367

Next step is face cream! I use this really moisturizing one from L’Oréal. When I first started using face creams I actually went for one that wasn’t so hydrating because I have quite oily skin, so I figured it was only going to make the situation, boy was I wrong…
This one really does a good job hydrating my skin and I love that it has anti-redness properties too. I also feel like it kind of smoothes out my skin for when I’m applying makeup – I do still use primer, but I have tried doing my makeup right on top of this face creme and it actually worked very well!

2018-06-02 11:11:25.153

In the evenings I sometimes have an extra step of blemish control, I don’t do this every night, only when it feels necessary, and then only on selected spots! I have a few different products that I use, but this one is my go to if I’m starting to see a pimple appearing.

I’d love to hear what your skincare routine is? And what products are your all-time favorites? 

Lots of love, Anne


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