Inkbox: A temporary, real looking tattoo

Have you ever wanted a tattoo but you were either afraid of the pain or that you would change your mind?                                                                                                              – I have! Ever since I lived in the US as an exchange student I kind of wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate that. But I’m a big wuss and so terrified of needles, also, I’m so very indecisive, I’m the kind of person who uses more time picking out a movie, than actually watching it, and my least favorite thing to hear is “You decide”.

Both of these things made me think that maybe I just wasn’t someone who should get a tattoo, but then I discovered a way for even people like me to have tattoos. They are temporary, but they look like the real deal and there are no needles involved!         The company behind this genius idea is called Inkbox and is a North American based brand that ships both nationally and internationally so even if you don’t live in the states you can still get your own real looking 2-3 week lasting tattoo.

Does this sound like something for you? Check out their shop here, or read on to hear more about my experiences with Inkbox.


I live pretty far from away from North America and the Danish postal service isn’t always that great, so I was expecting to wait forever for my package but to my surprise, I received it within 11 days, and when I opened it, I saw this cute little box, which got me pretty excited.                                                                                                       On their webpage, you can choose premade designs, you can design your own designs which they will then prepare for you, or you can decide to go freehand and receive a bottle full of “ink” so you can draw whatever you want. For me personally, I just decided to go with a premade design, the design I went with was a silhouette of a mountain range, because it reminded me of the mountains of Telluride. 

Want to know more about Telluride? Check out my post about the beautiful little mountain town, where I had the pleasure of living.

2018-05-26 16:58:21.413

Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need to make this tattoo really pop, there is instruction, the Inkbox tattoo pad, a small alcohol wipe, gloves – so that you don’t get the “ink” all over your hands, and a cloth to press on the Inkbox tattoo pad, to transfer it onto the skin. 

I followed the instructions and I was ready for my vibrant, beautiful tattoo, so after having held the cloth on the Inkbox tattoo pad for 15 minutes, I peeled the stencil off, and saw the pattern clearly on my skin so I figured that once it developed a little more, it would look pretty good, after 5 minutes I carefully rinsed the area and the tattoo lost all of its colors, it almost looked like it disappeared and I was pretty disappointed…. But on the instructions and on their webpage it does say that it will develop over 24 – 36 hours so I figured I would just wait and see, also I did kind of choose an out of the way location for this first attempt in case it didn’t pan out just the way I wanted it to.                                                                                                               Application was pretty easy, the only thing that was difficult was to remove the white backside of the tattoo pad which is the side that’s supposed to stick to you, so the white paper part sticks to it as well… But as soon as I got this off it was smooth sailing, the directions are well written and easy to follow.

The pictures below show the “tattoo” before and after I washed the area. 


I made sure to only sleep on my right side that night (at least I think I only slept on the right side, who knows what happens when you’re far of in dreamland) in order not to risk transferring the “ink” onto the sheets or something. When I woke up my expectations were not high, I hoped to see something just resembling the stencil I used yesterday but considering how dull it had looked last night, I didn’t really believe it. But I was happy to find a somewhat real looking “tattoo”. The first picture is after 10 hours and the second picture is after 20 hours, so the tattoo is actually still developing 🙂 

Ready to try these real looking, easily applied, no pain tattoos? Check out the webpage here:

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you’ll like these tattoos as much I do, I already ordered my next tattoo. I think it’s fun that you get to experiment with a lot of different designs and placements, it’s also good “practice” should you ever decide to get a real tattoo, you’ll have an idea about what designs you like and where you might want it! 

Lots of love, Anne

Full disclosure this is written in affiliation with, but all opinions are my own and I didn’t get the product I ordered it at full price and discovered how much I liked it, leading me to share it with you, I’ve actually already ordered my next Inkbox and this time I went for a custom made design, which was really fun to make 🙂

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