10 things to avoid jet lag​

Traveling is the best, and jet lag is the worst – I think we can all agree on that, so I’ve decided to share some tips on how to avoid or at least minimize jet lag so you can get the most out of every second of your vacation!                                                                       I want to point out though that even if you aren’t changing time zones and therefore will not have to deal with jet lag, some of these tips are still useful to make sure that you feel more refreshed when you reach your destination 🙂 

Photo source: Onemileatatime.com
  1.  Set your clock to the time zone of your destination as soon as you are on the plane and try to eat and sleep according to the time of your destination – this will make adaption easier!
    • If you have layovers it’s better to set it to the time of your layover destinations so you don’t accidentally miss a connecting flight and then change it to your final destination once you are already on the connecting flight  
  2. Don’t think about what time it really is
    • Sure you set your clock to a new time zone, but if you keep thinking “Now it’s 9 pm at home….. Now it’s 1 am at home” then you can’t use the tip above to “trick” your brain into getting used to the new time zone
  3. Make sure to drink plenty of water! 
    • And I really do mean water because the air in the plane dries you out and also water will help your body regenerate faster, in my experience sugary drinks like soda do the opposite
  4. Get some rest – But remember to do it according to the time zone of your destination
    • The more rest you get on the plane the less tired you will be once you get off the plane, so I suggest investing in a sleep mask and maybe even ear plugs
  5. Stay away from the salty snacks!! 
    • I know, I know, we crave that salty goodness of chips or something like this, but the salt will dry you out faster and it really will make you more tired and grumpy when you come off the plane – So try to go for the healthier snack options with less sugar and salt 
  6. Stand up at least once every hour
    • It’s good to get the blood flowing and it will keep you feeling more fresh and awake – helping to keep the jet lag in check

When you are landed:

  1. Stay awake!! 
    • You just got to your destination, it’s 11:30 in the morning and you’re sooo tired (Even though you tried to stick to the schedule of the new time zone), but don’t go to bed now! If you take a nap it’ll take you longer to get used to your new time zone – so do your best to stay awake and active until it’s actually bedtime
  2. Set an alarm
    • This counts both if you just absolutely needed a nap and if you actually managed to stay awake. If you took a nap set the alarm for 20 minutes a power nap can be super useful and it shouldn’t leave you feeling too tired afterward. If you stayed awake until bedtime you should still set an alarm so that you are sure to get up within a normal time and don’t waste the whole day sleeping
  3. Be active!
    • If you just got somewhere and your plan is to just lay in bed and do nothing staying awake will be so much harder. So instead of telling yourself that you need a quiet day because you have jet lag, tell yourself that you need an active day to get rid of jet lag – Walking around and doing fun stuff will give you more energy than looking at your phone for 6 hours
  4. Don’t overthink it 🙂
    • The more time you think about making sure not to get jet lag and not to waste time, the more your brain will focus on it, and you will notice more signs of jet lag than if you just relax and enjoy your vacation! 

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Lots of love, Anne 




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