French food you need to try

As you may already know, I’ve been to France A LOT! Obviously, when you travel somewhere a lot you get to taste a lot of food, if you’re open to it, and so by now, I have a list of things I need to eat when I go to France – and it’s a list I want to share with you!       

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  • Baguette
    • So this first one is just a necessity! I’m also pretty sure that all of you know these – But please get them from an actual baker, the prepackaged ones in the store just isn’t as good. 
    • Also don’t make the mistake of just eating this by itself… Get yourself some great French cheese, Nutella, butter or whatever else you think sounds delicious and eat it with your baguette. 
  • Chaussons Aux Pommes
    • These are apple turnovers, they are rounded triangles and made with puff pastry and a delicious apple filling! 
    • This is like a cake and I do eat it is a breakfast thing, but you might not want to since it is pretty sweet
  • Croissant 
    • So I’m pretty sure that all of you know what this is too, but the French croissants are really amazing, probably because this is actually where they are from. 
  • Pain Au Chocolate
    • This is also kind of like a cake. It’s made with puff pastry and chocolate, and it is amazing! The chocolate in this is not sweet, it is slightly bitter, but not in a bad way, just don’t expect a Nutella kind of sweetness. 


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  • Crème Brûllée!!! 
    • So if the exclamation points didn’t make it clear, this is my FAVORITE dessert!
    • Traditionally it is a cold vanilla creme with burned, caramelized sugar on top
      • Mostly in the Southern part of France, you can get Crème Brûlée with different flavors like orange or lavender – I would, however, recommend going with the traditional one 🙂
  • Crêpes
    • Crêpes are very thin pancakes and they are very French (You can get them other places too of course 🙂 ), you can get them with all kinds of filling and as long as you like the topping the crêpe will be amazing!  
  • Ice cream
    • I’m not saying that ice cream is French, I’m just saying they have great ice cream in France as well! The one in the picture is salted caramel with caramelized popcorn and it was yummy. 
  • Madeleines
    • So technically this could have been under pastries but I consider it more of a sweet so it’s here instead. 
    • They are little cakes with a lemony taste to them, they are a little dry so they go great with coffee or tea


  • Moules Frites
    • This is mainly something you get along the Ocean, for me, I always think of Provence (The Southern part) when I think of Moules Frites.
    • Moules means mussels and Frites means French fries, you can have more fancy versions of this but traditionally you get a pan full of mussels in some sauce and fries on the side. 
      • My favorite sauce is with white wine, cream, and garlic
  • Quiche Lorraine
    • This is a savory tart with bacon and cheese, it can be eaten either hot or cold and it works both for lunch and dinner
  • Salade Niçoise
    • Most of the time when I’m in Southern France its summer and hot, so it’s great with something light and fresh, so this salad is perfect
    • There are eggs and tuna plus most of the time also olives and different kinds of vegetable and it is delicious

Naturally, these things aren’t the only tasty French foods, it’s just my list of things I always need to eat! I’d love to hear about your favorite French foods or foods in general, so tell me if there is something I need to try! 🙂

Lots of love, Anne 


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