Telluride Travel Guide

A couple of years ago, when I finished school in Denmark, with the help of Rotary, I moved to the US for a year, more specifically I moved to Telluride, Colorado far up in the Rocky Mountains. Before I moved there, I had never even heard of Telluride and to be quiet honest, I didn’t even know where Colorado was, except for the fact that it was in the United States of America…                                                                                   Luckily that was about to change!! I fell in love with the beauty and charm of Telluride instantly and I want to share that love with you – because a place as special and wonderful as Telluride deserves to be shared.

Below I’ll you a few tips on when to go, what to see and do while you’re there!

Telluride 2012-13-46

When to visit: 

Before you visit Telluride, you should know that there are off-seasons and on-seasons, in the off-season, the town sees very little tourism and the population is a little less than 2500, in the on-seasons this number more than 5-doubles. Maybe you’re someone who thinks that visiting when it’s not too touristy and then you might decide to go in the off-season, but I would suggest visiting in the on-season if possible! It’s not that Telluride isn’t beautiful and amazing during the off-season, it’s just that the entire town sort of goes into hibernation during those months. However, during the off-season months of the fall, the aspen trees change their colors and everything turns yellow, it’s like the mountains are golden.                                              But honestly it just comes down to personal preferences, there is never a bad time to be in Telluride! I should mention though that in the on-seasons there are free buses running through town and the surrounding area and a free gondola from the center of Telluride up to the amazing mountains and Mountain Village. 

Sø og bjerg - telluride

What to do:

Even though Telluride is a small town there are a million things to do and there is something for everyone!                                                                                                             As mentioned above, Telluride is a mountain town so during the winter all kinds of snow sports are possible, in Telluride you can experience anything from dogsledding to heliskiing and from alpine skiing or snowboarding to ice climbing.                               But even though Telluride is a mountain town, there is plenty to do at other times too! During summer, spring and fall Telluride is perfect for all kinds of outdoors activities such as jeeping, horseback riding, biking, camping, golf, rock climbing and hiking


Another amazing thing about Telluride is THE FESTIVALS!!!!                                           There is a festival for you in Telluride, no matter if you are into movies, music, yoga or mushrooms.  

If you like movies or want to meet some movie stars you can’t miss “Telluride Film Festival”. The year I attended I got to meet some really cool and very famous people, including but not limited to Tom Cruise, Nicholas Cage, Salmon Rushdie and probably the most famous Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. You can attend to Q&A’s with the actors, producers, and directors, have meet and greets, see some fantastic movies and much, much more. 

If you’re more the music type, there is Blues and Brews with great music and amazing music! Or there is the Bluegrass festival celebrating the roots of American music which is a real treat as well!


Where to eat:

Obviously, there are many different restaurants in Telluride, and I’m not going to go through all of them, but I’ll give you a few pointers and suggestions.                             There are plenty of upper scale, high priced restaurants and also plenty of cheaper more down to earth options in Telluride as well, but one thing you won’t find is chain fast food restaurants such as McDonalds or BurgerKing, if that’s what you want, you have to drive around 2 hours to Montrose, but why bother when there are amazing local restaurants where you can get tasty burgers?

For burgers, I would recommend either Floradora Saloon with great prices, amazing food and a fun old fashioned Saloon feel, or I’d recommend The Cornerhouse here you will find locals, great food (Please do try the tater tots) and cheap prices.              If you are in the mood for pizza or just a real sports bar feel, then you need to go to Brown Dog! Their pizza is like sent from heaven and the atmosphere is friendly and down to earth. For Mexican food, you have to go to La Cocina de Luz a place I think back to everytime a crave delicious Mexican.                                                                          The best Asian food is at Siam all of their Thai food is to die for and I would recommend the coconut soup to everyone who likes creamy soups filled with flavor – it’s the perfect comfort food!                                                                                                      The last place I’ll recommend, but not the last place worth visiting, is Baked In Telluride (BIT) – BIT is the perfect place for a quick snack, a beagle, a doughnut or any other kind of baked goods.

Should you be planning a trip or have any questions, let me know or check out the town webpage.


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