Eating your way through Athens

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you know you’re going on vacation somewhere, you start to plan what to do and more importantly where to eat! Last winter when I booked my trip to Athens I started my research right away and so months before I even left Denmark I already had a list of places to visit, things to eat and where to do it.

If you want to know more about what to do in Athens, not just what to eat, check out my post: What to see in Athens

Just because I have absolutely no sense of direction, I also made sure to write down how to get to and from places – don’t get me wrong, I love getting lost because I think it’s a great way to see a place, but sometimes it’s good to know how to get back home.

Grækenland - bullet journal

Now I knew before I left that I wanted to save money on where I stayed, since I was planning on mainly being out and about anyway, so I checked Airbnb, which by the way is an amazing concept since you can find anything from the smallest apartments to campers to castles, and I was so lucky to find an amazing apartment close to the center. The apartment was huge, we were just two people but we could have easily been 10 more, and cheap it was far less than a hotel of the same standard would have been! If you want to see where I stayed, check it out here.

When you are in Athens there are certain things you need to do like see Acropolis and the Parthenon and there are certain things you need to eat like Dolmodaki (which are stuffed wine leaves) and Gyros (which is a flatbread with meat, tzatziki, and slightly surprising french fries), and now I want to tell you about a few places where I think you absolutely need to eat!

Traditional Greek food:

  • Adrianos Restaurant: Here you will get good traditional food for a very reasonable price.     The service is great and very quick, plus you get a dessert on the house when you’re done eating. I would recommend their Skordalia (A spinach, feta pie) as a starter and then anything with lam as a main dish.
  • Daphne’s Restaurant: If you want slightly nicer authentic Greek food, I would recommend Daphne’s they have nice outdoor seating, and their food is only a little bit pricier than at Adrianos’ and I would say that presentation and flavor wise it is worth it!
    I would recommend their Dolmodaki (the stuffed wine leaves) as a starter since these were the best I had anywhere in Athens, and as a main dish, I would recommend their Mosakka (Greek lasagna).
  • Xenios Zeus: And now my favorite restaurant in all of Athens!! This little, hidden gem is slightly difficult to find, but definitely worth it. It is the cutest little place in the old part of Athens called Plaka right underneath the Acropolis hill. I don’t even want to recommend anything here because no matter what you order it will be amazing! However, if you do order the Skordalia (a garlic dip, with A LOT of garlic) and I suggest that you do, do remember to also order some bread otherwise you will not be able to eat it… You also get a free dessert here and it is tasty enough that you almost want to order another one after you’re done with the first.

Now when I’m traveling I like to stick mainly to local cuisine and so that is what I have recommended but that does not mean you can’t get great steaks, burgers, pasta or whatever else you might desire.

But now onto something a little less “Greek” but nonetheless extremely delicious – DESSERTS!! In most Greek restaurants you get a little dessert on the house when you’re done eating, but what I am talking about now is full on dessert places that you definitely can’t miss if you are in Athens!

  •  Nancy Sweet Home: Now if you only have time for one dessert place (which sounds awful, but let’s pretend), then Nancy Sweet Home needs to be it!! Yes there is a hectic environment and the music is a little too loud for it to be comfortable, but you forget about all of this as soon as you get your dessert!! And if you like chocolate do yourself a favor and get the “Love Dessert” you will not regret this! It is a creamy delicious milk and dark chocolate cake in two types of chocolate sauce and it is absolutely fantastic!
  • DaVinci Gelato: If you are someone who enjoys ice cream and Instagram worthy desserts, then you need to visit DaVinci Gelato. It is a small shop right out towards the street with no seating available and it is not that easy to spot, I actually walked past it several times before finding it, but I was glad that I kept looking! The ice cream isn’t just pretty it is also very, very tasty and comes in lots of different flavors, so do yourself a favor and check it out!

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